PBM Therapy Clinic Derby UK

We are OPEN for all PBM treatments

PBM Therapy Clinic Derby UK

We are OPEN for all PBM treatments

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Whole Body/ Body Part/ Brain PBM Therapy

Science Fact Not Science Fiction

PBM Therapy Clinic Blog And Research

When searching PBM Therapy research try and search by a ‘category’ then an ‘area’ e.g. pain shoulder, skin ulcer, skin wound healing, sports recovery, pain arthritis, pain muscle etc.  When the options appear either:

  • Hit enter or the search icon and all of the similar searches will appear
  • If you select one from the drop down search menu only that one will appear

Alternatively, just move down the page a little and click/tap the pictures/text to read more.  If you still cannot find what you are looking for or you would like some more information about PBM Therapy and what it could help then why not get in touch – let us do the leg work!  All our contact details can be found on our contact us page .  We will reply within three business days with scientific evidence (references) and where possible answer any questions you may have.

On Going PBM Research

As PBM Therapy is a rapidly advancing field of medicine with an ever increasing list of different medical conditions it can help,there is on average at least one Random Controlled Trial (RCT), scientific paper or systemic review added the data base at Pubmed each day.


Science Fact

Not Science Fiction

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