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Specific Body Part PBM Therapy

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Body Part PBM Therapy Appointments

Specific Body Part PBM Therapy Using Our THOR LX2 Is Safe To Use With

  • New joint replacements e.g. hips, knees, spinal fusion operations or metal implants
  • Surgery in the past
  • Body piercings and tattoos
  • Breast augmentation or other cosmetic procedures
  • Prescriptive medications and creams and over the counter medications from the pharmacist
  • Skin conditions (see skin healing and repair)

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Clinic Hours

Monday 8.15 am -4.45 pm

Tuesday 8.15 am – 6.45 pm

Wednesday 8.15 am – 4.45 pm

Thursday 8.15 am – 6.45 pm

Friday 8.15 am – 4.45 pm

Saturday – open by arrangement

Sunday – open by arrangement

The Initial Consultation And First Body Part PBM Therapy Treatment

This includes:

  • Paperwork – including medical history* and consent. If you would like to save yourself a little time on your initial consultation click/tap the pdf or word icon below to view the PBM Therapy Clinic medical history form. Fill out the form using a text editor of your choice and then upload it using the contact form lower down on this page. Alternatively you can print it off, fill it out by hand then take a picture or scan it and upload it to the contact form. If you do not fill it out and send it to us before hand don’t worry, we will just ask you to arrive earlier for your consultation to do it then.



  • Initial assessment and medical history review by our highly qualified health professional
  • Induction together with explanation of the process and the likely outcome for you
  • Frequency and interval of sessions needed to see an improvement
  • Your first PBM Therapy session using our THOR Lx2

The cost for this Initial Consultation and THOR LX2 treatment is £70 and the total time needed will be up to one hour.

How long does a standard LX2 treatment session take?

Due to the close the source of powerful red and near infrared light, treatment times are probably not as long as you would think.  Consensus in the research field is that treatment protocols of 10-15 minutes is the time needed to achieve the maximum physiological benefit.  Research has shown that this is the optimum treatment time.  This means that less time means you do not get the full benefit.  Equally, perhaps contrary to what you would expect, a longer treatment time isn’t actually better as it causes the benefit to reverse.  The easiest way to think of PBM Therapy dose/irradiance is either:-

  • Getting a health benefit from being in the sun’s UV light and making vitamin D.  Too little sun and you do not make any Vitamin D, too much sun is harmful and you burn with negative health effects.  There is a ‘Goldilocks point’ of being just right which for most patients, is 15 minutes
  • Alternatively think of any medication either from a doctor or pharmacist  – there is always a recommended dose based on science e.g. a tablet twice in 24 hrs or 2 lots of 5 ml of cough syrup per 24 hrs.  This is optimal, less does not help but more is not better and can actually be bad for you.

THOR LX2 Body Part PBM Therapy Costs

  • Pay as you go for each treatment (PAYG)
  • At your initial consultation your clinician will be able to advise what the scientific evidence suggests in terms of how long it is likely to take for you to see an improvement.

Consultation Fee Inc 1st Treatment**

£ 70
  • One Consultation
  • Standard fee
  • No saving
  • Pay by card or cash
  • Pay by BACS
  • Pre-booked preferred times

Treatment Pay As You Go (PAYG)

£ 41
  • Per LX2 session
  • Standard fee
  • No saving
  • Pay by card or cash
  • Pay by BACS
  • Pre-booked preferred times

Terms and conditions – please read

  1. All treatment sessions with less than 24 hrs notice of cancellation will incur a 50% cancellation fee. This will be added to your next treatment for PAYG patients or deducted from your block booking payment. Sorry no exceptions. If the cancellation is by email or phone message these are time stamped when they are left.
  2. Late arrivals (depending on availability) it may be possible to re-book you later in the same day. If there are patients after you who have booked in they will be given priority. If you are running late then always ring ahead, it may be possible to swap with another patient who is due later than you if they arrive early.
  3. DNA – did not attend. This will incur the full fee for patients regardless of whether they are pre-paid or PAYG.
  4. For safety reasons if you wish any of your prepaid treatment credits to be transferred to another person this can only be done if that person has been through their own initial consultation process at our PBM Therapy Clinic. Just ask our staff. Everyone needs to have had the initial consultation and the cost varies dependent on the type of PBM Therapy selected.
  5. Pre-booked and pre-paid treatment sessions must be used up within 12 months of the first treatment for that block of treatments. In certain specific circumstances this can be extended. For example:
  6. In the unlikely event that you want a refund for unused prepaid sessions the amount refunded will be calculated based on the program you purchased together with the number of sessions remaining.
  7. The initial consultation fee which includes your first PBM Therapy session (if appropriate) is non refundable.
  8. By booking in as a new patient you agree to have accepted these terms and conditions
  9. **First treatment inc. when there is time and its indicated for your problem


Science Fact

Not Science Fiction