PBM Therapy

Science Fact Not Science Fiction

PBM Therapy

Science Fact Not Science Fiction

What is PBM Therapy?

PhotoBioModulation Therapy or simply PBM Therapy is a treatment method used by pioneering clinics (including us!), clinicians and elite and recreational sports teams around the world. It is a scientifically proven treatment with a wide range of clinical applications and whole body benefits such as:

  1. Pain, swelling and inflammation treatment
  2. Sports performance (train harder, recover quicker and achieve greater endurance)
  3. Skin conditions – healing and repair e.g. post surgical and diabetic wounds
  4. Remove swelling (oedema) by treating the cause
  5. Promote cell growth, tissue healing and regeneration – there are over 200 different types of cells in the human body all with the same internal mechanism that PBM Therapy can effect so there can be body-wide effects
  6. Helps prevent cell death and further tissue damage

After many years of research by many different scientific disciplines (e.g. Physicists, cellular biologists, biochemists, medics to name a few) the body of accumulated, proven research has reached the exciting point whereby:

  1. Scientists have refined our knowledge of how PBM Therapy works, and why PBM Therapy treats so many conditions across the whole body
  2. Scientific research has proven the best red and near infrared (NIR) photon wavelength ranges to use with the greatest therapeutic effect
  3. The optimal time and frequency of the light photon beams to achieve the greatest biologic effect and so,
  4. The specific irradiance (the ‘irradiance’ is the amount of photon waves reaching the tissues per cm² per second needed to produce a benefit) have been discovered to achieve the greatest therapeutic affect for many medical conditions

PBM Therapy Treatments we Offer

NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy

NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy Light Bed Pod

This is our Flagship Treatment. This Revolutionary LED light bed technology has been specifically developed to treat large areas of your body. It is more suited to body wide conditions or when you have multiple health conditions that PBM Therapy can help with. The great advantage of the NovoTHOR is that a session it can treat your whole body, head to toe all at the same time!

THOR LX2 Body Part PBM Therapy

Desk Top PBM Therapy Treats Specific Part Body Areas

The exciting new THOR® LX2 features different sized LED’s and Laser probes and is very versatile in being able to treat specific body parts. It is ideal if you have a single problem, when you need the treatment to penetrate more deeply as this can be achieved by the Laser rather than the LED probe. This may also be an alternative for you when full body PBM Therapy may not be advised.

NovoTHOR + THOR LX2 Brain PBM  / tPBM Therapy

tPBM Therapy

Brain PBM – Transcranial Photobiomodulation or tPBM Therapy is a rapidly expanding field of neuroscience using PBM technologies to help treat/improve a range of neurological and psychological conditions. We can use our NovoTHOR whole Body Light Bed in order to help maximise the potential for your improvements and/or our targeted THOR LX2 hand held devices.

What Can PBM Therapy do?

The applications that have had the most PBM research dedicated to them, and as a result have the strongest evidence of effectiveness so far are:-

Pain Relief

PBM Therapy Treats The Source Of Pain And Inflammation

Muscle Joint Nerve Pain & Injuries

Skin Health

PBM Therapy For Skin Conditions Healing And Repair

Skin Healing & Tissue Repair


PBM Therapy For Sports -Train Harder Recover Quicker With More Endurance

Train Harder & Recover Faster

Where Is The Evidence That PBM Therapy Works?

PBM Therapy Research

New research is published every month. It includes more trials and lab studies on established PBM Therapeutic effects as well as newly discovered effects – which could lead to potential new treatments for many debilitating medical conditions. It is an exciting time for PBM Therapy, our NovoTHOR® Whole body light bed pod and our specific body part LX2 PBM Therapy machines. Visit our PBM Therapy Research page to read more. Alternatively to review the current extensive world wide open access data base about PBM Therapy just tap/click this link PBM Therapy research.

Our PBM Therapy Clinicians

Ian and Richard have collectively over 60+ years of experience working in the health care sector treating patients and are delighted to be able to bring PBM Therapy science to you using their NovoTHOR® Whole body Photobiomodulation light bed pod and body part specific THOR LX2 PBM Therapy machines.

Ian Reed PBM Therapy Clinician And Clinic Director

Ian Reed

 Clinic Director & Clinician

Richard Nelson PBM Therapy Clinician And Clinic Director

Richard Nelson

Clinic Director & Clinician


Science Fact

Not Science Fiction