NHS Fibromyalgia Treatment Trial How Lives Have Changed

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Two recently published Radom Controlled Studies (RCT’s), one from Spain and the other from NHS researchers in Birmingham UK have highlighted just how well the NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy Light Bed treats/improves the many varied debilitating symptoms that occur in chronic long term Fibromylagia (FM) sufferers. At the 6 month stage in the British trial the results were seriously impressive:

  • Pain levels reduced by 40%
  • Pain catastrophizing reduced by 29% (assesses the way catastrophizing impacts the pain experience of patients)
  • Quality of life increased by 68% (assesses the range from 0 indicating no quality of life to 10 the best quality of life)
  • Physical activities increased by 68%
  • Kinesiophobia reduced by 42% (assesses fears about movement)
  • Self efficacy increased by 36% (confidence in effectively accomplishing an activity to achieve the desired outcome)

Rather than only publishing the hard data with improvements as percentages and charts – as impressive as they are, the Birmingham research study has now gone one step further by actually publishing documented experiences of  the participants.  Real responses from the real FM sufferers (just like you) for us to all read about how the NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy Light bed has changed their lives.  To read them just click/tap the PDF icon below.


The PDF document is ‘wordy’ at the start so I recommend  getting to the most important bits, the patients experiences on how their lives have changed;  so jump straight to page 8.

Then on page 25 the conclusion states:

The authors’ conclusion is that the strength and consistency of these results among participants simply cannot be ignored, and we owe it to FM patients to pursue further definitive research on this safe and non-invasive treatment modality with a view to it eventually becoming a common place therapy widely available to those who need it.  Strong words indeed by respected researchers.

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Our PBM Therapy Clinic has the enviable position of having one of the few whole body NovoTHOR PBM Therapy Light Beds in the UK. There are only a few hundred of these globally and less than 15 in the UK. We are easy to get to as we are in the centre of the country, close to motorways, train links and airports.

To read more just search the site and watch the videos on our PBM Therapy You Tube channel. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01332 224829.

Our extensive clinical experience of using our NovoTHOR for patients with chronic symptoms/Fibromyalgia is that some stay well for a long time after a course, and some can slip backwards. For those for whom the improvements don’t last we find that their improvements can be better maintained with periodic ‘maintenance’ or top up treatments.  In these cases we aim to get your ‘top up’ sessions as far apart as is possible, but ultimately how long and how often you choose to benefit from PBM Therapy is always up to you.

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