Long Covid Brain Fog Treatment

Long Covid Treatment

Clear Your Brain With NovoTHOR PBM Therapy

What is Long Covid Brain Fog?

Researchers in Texas USA have recently published research into Long Covid Brain Fog (see precis below). This symptom, together with other Long COVID symptoms can be, for many people totally life altering and debilitating. Sufferers of Long COVID are reporting that their bodies are changed profoundly with strange and seemingly unconnected symptoms such as tiredness, sleep disturbance, mood alteration, fatigue, muscle aches/pains.

The participants in the Texas trial described their brain fog symptoms using terms such as:-

  • Slow thinking
  • Poor articulation
  • Lack of recall (especially numbers)
  • Slow reactions
  • Forgetting names and directions
  • Clumsy, easily confused, losing train of thought
  • Mentally overwhelmed, and mentally fatigued

Neurological improvements in Long Covid suffers have started to be published. This new trial provides new evidence about how PBM Therapy can help these Long Covid Brain symptoms.

What did The Researchers Do?

NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy Light Bed

Side note: Parallels in symptoms between Long COVID and Fibromyalgia sufferers potentially point towards some similar causes i.e. mitochondrial dysfunction. Two recent high quality trials one from Spain and the other from Birmingham investigating the treatment of Fibromyalgia symptoms using the NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy Light Bed have yielded amazing results, so it’s no surprise that there is a thought process that both Long Covid and Fibromyalgia could be just different names for manifestations of the same cause and that therefore Long COVID may respond to the same PBM Therapy treatment approach.

So in this clinical study they wanted to compare two methods of delivering the PBM Therapy to compare the outcomes

  • A PBM Therapy helmet (to only target the head with light)
  • A NovoTHOR Whole body PBM Therapy Light Bed (to target the head and whole body as was used in the above Fibromyalgia trials)

To determine how bad the Brain Fog was the researchers used a variety of tests


For Long Covid Brain Fog improvements, each device was associated with significant improvements in cognitive tests (p < 0.05). Objective changes in WAVi ECG changes further supported the findings. The researchers postulated that a targeted approach i.e. a helmet would work better but in fact this was not the case – the NovoTHOR performed a little better for Brain Fog than the helmet – which actually does not surprise me.

Why? The unique advantage of the NovoTHOR PBM Therapy light bed pod is it surrounds your whole body thus bathing you with Red and Near Infra Red (NIR) penetrating light so that your whole body receives the PBM Therapy from head to toe at the same time Helping to make poorly functioning unhealthy cells healthier and healthy cells even more healthy and more resistant to cell death in a process scientists call pre conditioning.

These Mitochondria are found in abundance in each and every one of the 200 types of cells in your body so using the NovoTHOR has the enviable capability over a helmet because it can reach more of our Mitochondria. So improvements can be across the whole body, not just just brain fog, as in Fibromyalgia and proven in the Spanish Fibromyalgia and Birmingham Fibromyalgia Trials

PBM Therapy works‘ by recharging the ‘batteries’ (mitochondria) inside each of your cells . Your dormant or malfunctioning mitochondria are then able to produce more energy, enabling the cells to do the job they are programmed to do whilst at the same time harmful inflammatory chemicals are reduced.

It’s been discovered that these Mitochondria can also migrate in your blood stream travelling around your body reaching potentially all parts of the body, even where the PBM Therapy light cannot reach. This together with increased blood flow and oxygen delivery might explain why there are systemic effects following PBM Therapy especially deep in the brain where research has proven it is too deep for the actual light to reach.

To read the full article just click/ tap the pdf icon


To read more just search the site and watch the videos on our PBM Therapy You Tube channel. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01332 224829

Authors note: Our experience using PBM Therapy for chronic conditions makes me suspect that with Long COVID’s complex array of symptoms, improvements made with PBM Therapy may not last ‘forever’. For example research has established that PBM Therapy directly on the brain via the skull – tPBM Therapy – in Alzheimer’s patients can have a significant effect in improving these patients symptoms. However 6-weeks after the treatment was stopped patients had regressed. The Birmingham Fibromyalgia study found 24 weeks after the last treatment patients had slipped backwards – but not back to square one!

To prevent this, we have found top up treatments help maintain the improvements. It’s also likely some symptoms may well respond better than others and others just not respond at all and similarly, responses may vary from patient to patient e.g. one patient’s ‘brain fog’ may be improved with treatment, while another patients may not do as well.

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