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Skin Healing And Repair

Using Our NovoTHOR® Whole Body Or THOR LX2 PBM Therapy Machines

Science Fact Not Science Fiction

What Type Of PBM Therapy Is Best For Your Skin?

PBM Therapy is a treatment method used by pioneering clinics and skin specialists around the world – it has some amazing applications for skin healing and repair. There are amazing applications for acute and chronic skin conditions. Exciting new technology has been developed by the pioneering company THOR to produce the:

The NovoTHOR and THOR LX2 use scientifically proven specific wavelengths (photons) of light in the visible red or invisible near infrared (NIR) light range to:

Whole Body NovoTHOR PBM Therapy Vs Body Part THOR LX2 PBM Therapy

NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy
LLLT Treatment PBM Therapy

Advantages To You Of Using The NovoTHOR® Whole Body Light Bed

Our flagship NovoTHOR ® Whole Body PBM Therapy Light Bed is by far the most popular choice amongst our patients. Why? Simply your whole body is surrounded by light it so can have both local and systemic effects on your health and wellbeing.

For your health the advantages are clear:

  • NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy bed is able to treat you head toe toe all in multiple areas at the same time
  • The NovoTHOR is cell specific not condition specific. NovoTHOR PBM Therapy pod has the potential to affect the 200 different types of cells in the human body and as a result can potentially affect many different conditions and medical ailments all at the same time. This means you can experience wide ranging benefits that you were not expecting such improvement in pains and inflammation in multiple places, but you also get improved mood, energy levels or better sleep patterns.
  • PBM Therapy (whole body NovoTHOR or LX2 specific body part) has no side effects – unlike prescription and over-the-counter medications where side effects for some are pronounced and debilitating
  • Due to the intensity of the light used (irradiance) only short times are needed in The NovoTHOR whole body Photobiomodulation pod to get the best therapeutic effect – so the optimal treatment session based on the latest research is 20 minutes

Having said that above:

  • If you have a local/small area of a skin problem specific body part then LX2 PBM Therapy may well be the best course of action for you
  • There are some instances when the NovoTHOR might not be advised when we could safely use the hand held version to help you
  • The LX2 PBM Therapy Machine may be more suitable for some hard to reach skin problems (eg in the mouth – oral mucositis see below)

Get Impartial Advice From Us.  If you are unsure if your problem would be better treated by specific body part PBM Therapy or our NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy Light Bed Pod .  We advise the best course of action is to contact us on 01332 224829 and speak to one of our highly trained and experienced PBM therapists to discuss your problem in and any health issues greater detail.  This is much quicker than ping pong emails back and forth or chat!

Whole Body PBM Therapy For Skin Conditions

Eczema, psoriasis, acne, surgical scars and other skin/dermatological conditions – is an exciting emerging field of research. Evidence is increasing but more research is required in the form of robust and Random Controlled Trials (RCT’s) to firmly establish PBM Therapy’s effectiveness. Why could PBM Therapy be suitable for many skin conditions?  Simply we all have the same internal cell make up in all our cells and the same Electron Transfer Chain (ETC) in our Mitochondria.  This ETC responds to red and near Infrared wavelengths of light, thereby increasing energy delivery to the nucleus of the cell to carry out it’s programmed function of growth and repair along with the removal of inflammation, swelling and pain.   The NovoTHOR® whole body PBM Therapy light bed pod has got the potential to help your skin from head to toe.  Read our PBM Research Blog for the latest skin research.

Where Is The Evidence That PBM Therapy Works?

PBM Therapy Research

New research is published every month. It includes more trials and lab studies on established PBM Therapeutic effects as well as newly discovered effects – which could lead to potential new treatments for many debilitating medical conditions. It is an exciting time for PBM Therapy, our NovoTHOR® Whole body light bed pod and our specific body part LX2 PBM Therapy machines. Visit our PBM Therapy Research page to read more. Alternatively to review the current extensive world wide open access data base about PBM Therapy just tap/click this link PBM Therapy research.

PBM Therapy For Oral Mucositis

Photobiomodulation, PBM Therapy, reduces inflammation and improves healing including 32 controlled clinical trials demonstrating PBM Therapy as an effective method of treating Oral Mucositis.

What is Oral Mucositis?

Patients undergoing cancer treatments – chemotherapy, radiotherapy or haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) –  in both paediatric and adult populations are at extreme risk of developing Oral Mucositis (OM) and radiation dermatitis.   For some treatments unfortunately it’s almost a 100% certainty the patient will develop this painful condition.  It is due to the fact that cancer drugs attack rapidly dividing cancer cells but they also attack the rapidly dividing epithelial cells lining the mouth and gastro-intestinal tract.

The moist linings become highly swollen, red, ulcerated and acutely painful so that even swallowing water, let alone food can become a real problem.  PBM Therapy for Oral Mucositis has been reported in 32 randomised controlled clinical trials.  Most of the studies are therapeutic (treating symptoms) proving PBM Therapy reduces the severity and duration of Oral Mucositis, but some clinical trials have also shown that treatment concurrent with cancer therapies can be used for prevention.  This is clearly a real benefit because it means patients can eat and drink easier which helps to maintain their health whilst they receive these treatments. 


In one recent trial (RCT) the study was stopped prematurely because the nurses and clinicians delivering the treatment could not ethically carry on as it was clear the patients who were receiving the PBM Therapy were so much better.  The clinicians felt they could not deny this treatment to the control group (placebo group).  The trial was stopped to allow all the patients to receive PBM Therapy.

“Our results have indicated that the use of low power laser in HSCT patients is a powerful instrument in the treatment of overt OM and is now a standard procedure in this group of patients in our hospital.”

Antunes HS, Ferreira EM, de Matos VD, Pinheiro CT, Ferreira CG

The ease of use of PBM, high patient acceptance, and the positive results achieved, make this therapy feasible for the prevention and treatment of OM in young patients.”

Abramoff MM, Lopes NN, Lopes LA, Dib LL, Guilherme A, Caran EM, Barreto AD, Lee ML, Petrilli AS

“There is consistent evidence from small high-quality studies that red and infrared PBM can partly prevent development of cancer therapy-induced OM. PBM also significantly reduced pain, severity and duration of symptoms in patients with cancer therapy-induced OM.”

Bjordal JM, Bensadoun RJ, Tuner J, Frigo L, Gjerde K, Lopes-Martins RA

“Our results indicate that the use of upfront low power laser in patients who have undergone HSCT is a powerful instrument in reducing the incidence of OM and is now standard in our center.”

Antunes HS, de Azevedo AM, da Silva Bouzas LF, Adao CA, Pinheiro CT, Mayhe R, Pinheiro LH, Azevedo R, D'Aiuto de Matos V, Rodrigues PC, Small IA, Zangaro RA, Ferreira CG

“Laser therapy was effective in preventing and treating oral effects induced by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, thus improving the patient’s quality of life.”

Zanin T, Zanin F, Carvalhosa AA, de Souza Castro PH, Pacheco MT, Zanin IC, Junior AB


Science Fact

Not Science Fiction

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