NovoTHOR Helping 84 Year Old Bridget to Live Independently!

NovoTHOR PBM Therapy Elderly

There is no maximum age limit that you benefit from PBM Therapy. Bridget gives her experience of using our NovoTHOR® whole body PBM Therapy light bed at the PBM Therapy Clinic in Derby. Her testimonial explains how Whole body PBM Therapy is helping her keep and stay active, and enabled her to return to the interests which she had had to give up.

NovoTHOR Helping 84 Year Old Bridget To Live Independently!

“Washing my hair and showering are no longer a problem”

The improvements were gradual and took place over 5 months. Since I have been able to use the NovoTHOR, I have been able to do small jobs for my daughter – washing up and ironing etc. I have renewed my dressmaking, a skill I learned many years ago which had lapsed due to a loss of concentration. I have made two jackets for myself (*Bridget is wearing one of her creations in her photo!) and a third is in the pipeline!

My Skin has improved my arms were rough and scaly, they are nearly as smooth as they were years ago! I have taken up growing Lilies again after many years lapse, as my shoulders and upper arms are better able to cope with the increased activity due to less pain. The NovoTHOR has increased the flexibility to a great extent so that the demands of washing my hair and showering are no longer a problem.

This reads like a list but there is more I could say – I have not mentioned a twice daily journey to feed and clean my ‘pet’ ponies, or the improvement in my sleeping at night. I hope there is something to interest other people that might help them.

Head to toe potential benefits

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