NovoTHOR® PBM Therapy

Using Our NovoTHOR Whole Body Light Bed Pod

Science Fact Not Science Fiction

NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy Light Bed

Our NovoTHOR PBM Therapy whole body light bed pod uses the most up to date and scientifically proven specific wavelengths (photons) of light in the visible red or invisible near infrared light (NIR) range.   The NovoTHOR has been developed by the pioneering company THOR Photomedicine Ltd – in partnership with world leaders in LED technology – LED Dynamics.  THOR Photomedicine are also world leaders in PBM Therapy research.

Advantages To You Of Using The NovoTHOR Whole Body Light Bed

For your health the advantages are clear:

  1. The NovoTHOR can treat and help multiple conditions and health issues throughout the whole body
  2. The NovoTHOR is cell specific not condition specific, so multiple conditions/symptoms throughout the body can be treated at the same time.  This means you can experience wide ranging benefits that you were not expecting! e.g treatment for painful arthritic joints and your skin health improves or perhaps you are able concentrate better.
  3. There are no side effects from the NovoTHOR – unlike prescription and over-the-counter medications where side effects for some are pronounced and debilitating. There are a few circumstances under which whole body PBM Therapy may not be in your best interest, but you still may be able to have specific body part PBM using our desk top LX2 PBM Therapy machine.
  4. Due to the intensity of the light used (irradiance) only short times are needed in The NovoTHOR whole body Photobiomodulation pod to get the best therapeutic effect – so the optimal treatment session based on the latest research is just 15 minutes.
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What Can Whole Body PBM Therapy Do?

The applications that have had the most PBM research dedicated to them, and as a result have the strongest evidence of effectiveness so far are:-

Pain Relief

PBM Therapy Treats The Source Of Pain And Inflammation

Muscle Joint Nerve Pain & Injuries


Skin Health

PBM Therapy For Skin Conditions Healing And Repair

Skin Healing & Tissue Repair



PBM Therapy For Sports -Train Harder Recover Quicker With More Endurance

Train Harder & Recover Faster


Where Is The Evidence That PBM Therapy Works?

Published Evidence

There are over 700 phase III published Random Controlled Trials (RCT’s that are double blind and placebo controlled) and over 4000 laboratory studies published.  Over 200 systematic in depth reviews published on PBM’s action and effectiveness.  On average 37 new scientific publications are added each month onto the database at Pubmed 

New Exciting PBM Therapy Research

New research is published every month. It includes more trials and lab studies on established PBM Therapeutic effects as well as newly discovered effects – which could lead to potential new treatments for many debilitating medical conditions. It is an exciting time for PBM Therapy and our NovoThor® Whole body light bed pod. Visit our PBM Therapy Research page to read more. Alternatively to review the current extensive world wide open access data base about PBM Therapy just tap/click this link PBM Therapy research.



Science Fact

Not Science Fiction