As you are totally enclosed by the NovoTHOR light bed pod and so close to the source of powerful red and near infrared light, treatment times are probably not as long as you would think. Consensus in the research field is that 15 minutes is the ideal time to achieve the maximum physiological benefit. Research has shown that this is the optimum treatment time. This means that less time means you do not get the full benefit. Equally, perhaps contrary to what you would expect, a longer treatment time isn’t actually better as it causes the benefit to reverse.

The easiest way to think of PBM Therapy dose/irradiance is either:-

  • Getting a health benefit from being in the sun’s UV light and making vitamin D. Too little sun and you do not make any Vitamin D, too much sun is harmful and you burn with negative health effects. There is a ‘Goldilocks point’ of being just right which for NovoTHOR® PBM Therapy is 20 minutes.
  • Alternatively think of any medication either from a doctor or pharmacist there is always a recommendation of dose based on science e.g. a tablet twice in 24 hrs or 2 lots of 5 ml of cough syrup per 24 hrs. This is optimal, less does not help but more is not better its actually bad for you.