PBM Therapy for Psoriasis – Dry Cracked Red and Thickened Skin

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Image of skin on the wrist before PBM TherapyImage of skin on the wrist after PBM Therapy
Image of skin on the hands before PBM TherapyImage of skin on the hands after PBM Therapy

Fed up suffering with your skin?

This person had been really suffering for years with Psoriasis and had:

  • Dry
  • Red
  • Itchy and
  • Thickened skin

In many places all over their body. Mentally it had also affected their esteem and general wellbeing. Steroid creams has stopped being as effective and were starting to have some quite nasty side effects. You can see the big difference in just 6 sessions of NovoTHOR whole body PBM Therapy. The improvements in the hands and wrist were replicated all over their body. The skin was less scaly and the really ‘angry red colour’ had started to reduce to a more of a deeper red – a sign of less inflammation and new healing taking place in the skin. Slide the before and after line to compare the images.

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You May Notice Other Improvements Too!

PBM Therapy is a cell specific treatment and not a condition specific treatment. Why is this important? All of your trillions of cells in the body have the same mechanism that PBM Therapy affects, so you often notice improvements in other areas of your health and well being that you did not expect. This is not unusual at all and in fact quite the norm for the NovoTHOR whole body PBM Therapy light bed pod!

PBM Therapy Science Fact Not Science Fiction

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