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Stem Cell Treatment

Increasing the amount of stem cells naturally circulating in your blood without pain, needles, drugs, drips or side effects sounds too good to be true but published animal and human research proves that by using PBM Therapy this is now a scientific fact not science fiction – but how?

‘Stem cells – an elixir of youth’ 

Stem cells have the amazing ability to change/morph into any one of the 200 types of cells that are in our body. They are involved in tissue regeneration throughout life, and have the potential to help treat many disease processes. As you might imagine, methods of how to increase the amounts of circulating stem cells available for this is the source of intensive scientific research. Why is this of interest? The greater the number of stem cells circulating in our bodies, the greater potential for healing, repair, regeneration and disease treatment as well as anti-aging mechanisms.

Your bone marrow naturally produces and releases stem cells into your blood to reach every part of your body every day – it is an ongoing process . When cells in an organ or tissue become aged, damaged due to disease, physical trauma, a lack of blood supply, infection or damage by UV light or other harmful chemicals, ‘chemical messages’ from the damaged cells ‘attract’ stem cells to the site of injury.

Stem cells ‘morph’ into the type of cells that were damaged, and so stem cells form a vital part in healing and regeneration of our tissues. Restoring function with the corresponding maintenance/improvement in health.

If stem cell morphing does not occur as efficiently as it should then the repair process changes to include more scar tissue (fibrosis) with the corresponding reduction/alteration in tissue/organ function/damage. The greater the fibrosis the greater the damage.

The PBM Therapy using lasers or LEDs to increase stem cells is not a new or maverick concept, far from it. A review of the literature by THOR in Feb 23 showed there were 319 references/trials/publications in respected peer reviewed journals for this rapidly expanding field of science. Click/tap the icon below to view the summaries.


How to Increase Stem Cells Naturally With PBM Therapy

Scientist PBM Therapy Research

We now have clear Random Controlled Trial (RCT) evidence in mammals – rats , dogs and pigs showing:

  • Blocking the heart arteries gives the animals a massive heart attack causing huge areas of the heart to scar and with huge loss of heart function.
  • But applying PBM Therapy to the bone marrow (increasing stem cells circulating in the blood) to another group with the same severe blocked arteries reduced permanent damage and scar tissue by a whopping…..

Drag the slider to see the difference

 No PBMWith PBM*

*Only two PBM Therapy treatments were given in the PBM rat heart – immediately after the heart attack/blockage and only one more treatment 3 days later.

Increasing Human Stem Cells Naturally

The same researchers in the above rat, dog and pig study have now used PBM Therapy in humans in a clinical trial to prove how well it increases stem cells in your blood. This is what they did:

  • 15 people were recruited in the clinical trial (8 males 7 females)
  • Age range of 27-73 (so a wide range of young to old subjects)
  • PBM Therapy was applied to the both Tibias (the shin bones)
    • Using a single THOR 808 nM laser probe
    • For only 1 minute 40 seconds (100s) each location (so a very short time)
    • With a beam of 0.5 cm²(a really small area!)
    • Power density of 10mW/cm². 90 Joules or 180 joules/cm²per point – one on each shin bone.

New Stem Cell Therapy For Humans?

After a single non Invasive PBM Therapy treatment a massive increase of stem cells from the bone marrow occurred in humans as it did in animal trials. More stem cells are available for potential healing, repair, regeneration and anti-aging processes which is the ultimate goal for preventative, regenerative and restorative medicine.

Finally, to quote the researchers conclusion in the human stem cell trial:

Uri Uron from Israel is one of the leading scientists involved in this stem cell release and regenerative medicine using PBM Therapy. Click/tap the pdf icon so see some his more recent published papers on this subject.

PBM Therapy Clinic Derby Building

Our easy to reach Derby PBM Therapy Clinic uses THOR LX2 Lasers, THOR also manufactured the hand held Lasers that the researchers used. Considering the early animal evidence THOR’s treatment protocols for body part conditions have long recommended clinicians apply Lasers to the bone marrow, with the expectation of increasing stem cells available for healing and repair.

For our THOR trained Clinicians, they will just continue as they always have, still applying PBM Therapy to the bone marrow as part of your treatment. The difference now is with the Human RCT evidence we can say for sure circulating stems cells increases massively with PBM Therapy not just we think it does based on the animal studies.

Also only one stem cell PBM Therapy treatment in the human study was performed, stem cell levels began to decline after 2-4 days. Body part PBM Therapy treatment frequency is usually 2-3 sessions a week for the vast majority of medical conditions that and we apply PBM each time to the bone as this could elevate stem cell levels for the whole week.

What About NovoTHOR PBM Therapy for Stem Cells?

In addition, our PBM Therapy Clinic has the enviable position of having one of the few whole body NovoTHOR PBM Therapy light beds in the UK. There are only a few hundred of these globally and less than 15 in the UK.

The unique advantage of a whole body NovoTHOR light bed is that your whole body receives the PBM Therapy from head to toe at the same time! Helping to make poorly functioning unhealthy cells healthier and healthy cells even more healthy and more resistant to cell death in a process scientists call pre conditioning.

If you have multiple conditions or problems all over your body that are more suited to our NovoTHOR light bed then at this time we would actually suggest combining* our whole body NovoTHOR with our LX2 Laser with its proven stem cell release. Why?

The volume of stem cells released from a whole NovoTHOR LED Light Bed in a 20 minute treatment session has not been researched yet. So even though NovoTHOR ‘does all of your bones’ :

  • LED’s are not the same intensity as Lasers, so we don’t know if the NovoTHOR ‘all over dose’ works like a focused high intensity laser i.e. It could be the same more or less – we just don’t know.
  • We do know LED light does not penetrate as deep as Laser light so it is unclear if stem cells would be released if the LED light did not go as deep into the marrow.

*So until research gives us a clearer answer we would suggest combining the two therapies and including LX2 Laser Therapy once a week or once every 2 weeks.

Of course in an ideal world you would repeat the study using a NovoTHOR. However in all honestly I don’t think this will happen in the near future. Why?

  1. There are only a few hundred NovoTHOR’s worldwide and they are 1000% more expensive to purchase than the LX2 , this is why PBM Therapy research is almost exclusively carried out using hand held devices.
  2. Multi centre RCT’s are unbelievably expensive,
  3. You cannot ‘patent light’ so big pharma will not be interested funding this

When RCT funding for NovoTHOR whole body PBM Therapy is available the results can be truly remarkable, life changing – read about the benefits of NovoTHOR whole body PBM Therapy for Fibromyalgia in this triple blind RCT trial.

PBM Therapy Science Fact Not Science Fiction

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