PBM Therapy Protects Cells From Chemical Damage

NovoThor Whole Body PBM Therapy Photobiomodulation For Skin Healing And Repair

Preconditioning PBM Therapy – What’s is That?

Preconditioning or wellness PBM Therapy is an exiting development in Photomedicine. Scientists have discovered that applying PBM Therapy – light in the Red and Near Infra Red (NIR) spectrum to ‘normal tissues/cells’ – cells that are not damaged or diseased:

Preconditioning has huge potential benefits in terms of health and wellness – how might maximising cell function benefit to your health?

What We Already Know About Preconditioning Protecting Your Cells

(LPS – Lipopolysaccharides are very inflammatory chemicals produced by bacteria when you have an infection, and are powerful causes of systemic inflammation and a cause of septic shock)

Preconditioning PBM Therapy Helps Stop Chemicals Damaging And Killing Cells

After reading the above amazing and varied forms of protection preconditioning PBM therapy produces on our cells it is probably not a surprise to you that preconditioning has been shown to help prevent conditions/diseases**.

One debilitating example is Oral Mucositis . Oral Mucositis is a dreadful, red raw, ulcerating condition of the moist skin linings in the mouth and throat (sometimes digestive system and vagina) caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. It occurs in a very high number of patients receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer.

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are highly effective treatment methods used to kill cancers cells but it unfortunately does not just target cancerous cells, its also kills/damages lots of normal, healthy cells leading to undue extra suffering and symptoms that could be avoided.

PBM Therapy is already an accepted and proven effective treatment (recommended by NICE) for Radiation Dermatitis (Radiodermatitis) and Oral Mucositis but perhaps now of greater importance is research data analysis proves this condition can be prevented or severely reduced by preconditioning.

PBM Therapy Clinic comment

Almost all the preconditioning research has been performed using hand held devices (like our LX2’s). Researchers did not use whole body PBM Therapy. Why? Whole Body Light beds are very expensive and scarce. There are only about 200 NovoTHOR PBM Therapy light beds at this time in the world and only 7 in the UK (one of which is here at our clinic). Hand held devices by comparison are cheaper and therefore more plentiful.

NovoTHOR Whole Body Preconditioning PBM Therapy

The NovoTHOR PBM Therapy light bed pod surrounds your whole body thus bathing you head to toe with Red and Near Infra Red (NIR) penetrating light with the potential to affect all the Mitochondria in the cells that the light interacts with. These are found in abundance in each and every cell in your body and are needed to provide energy to the cell so it can perform the job it has been programmed to do!

It’s been recently discovered that these Mitochondria can also migrate in your blood stream travelling around your body reaching potentially all parts of the body, even where the PBM Therapy light cannot reach. This might explain some of the systemic effects PBM Therapy has on parts of the body or the brain tPBM affects that occur too deep for the light to reach.

The NovoTHOR light bed pod means you have the potential to have multiple preconditioning benefits all at the same time, even some that you were not expecting. e.g. enhancing muscular strength, performance and recovery. Apart from preconditioning – there are so many other health benefits that PBM Therapy has demonstrated that are good borne out by years of research.

PBM Therapy Clinic Comment

** This preconditioning – cell maximising/enhancing protection mechanisms, has huge potential benefits in terms of human health and wellness. Research in this area is still very much in its infancy, but it is hoped that more research will prove preconditioning to be a simple effective way to help prevent/reduce the severity of other illness and disease processes.

PBM Therapy Science Fact Not Science Fiction

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