PBM Therapy for Oral Mucositis

THOR ® have collated an extensive body of research evidence for PBM Therapy’s effectiveness in treating a wide range of medical conditions including Oral Mucositis.  Oral Mucositis is a debilitating, ulcerating condition affecting the moist coverings of your mouth and throat.

Oral Mucositis occurs in almost all patients undergoing high-dose chemotherapy and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) and 80% of patients with malignancies of the head and neck receiving radiotherapy.  Many patients receiving standard chemotherapy can also be at risk.

Our NovoTHOR® Whole Body Photobiomodulation Therapy bed and our hand held THOR® LX2 PBM Therapy machines deliver PBM Therapy, and so can be used in the management of this painful condition.  Tap/click this lower link or PDF icon to read about:

PBM Therapy For Oral mucositis

To review the current extensive world wide open access data base about PBM Therapy just tap/click this link PBM Therapy research.

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