This is quite a hard question to answer as it is effected by so many variables.  Factors such as the severity of your problem, the length of time you have been suffering with it, is it a recent onset/injury or have you been suffering for years?   More acute injuries and conditions usually settle quicker with PBM therapy compared to chronic ones e.g. a surgical wound is going to heal and stay healed.

So as a general rule, acute conditions could need six whole body PBM Therapy treatments.   It would not be unusual for more chronic conditions to need twelve and sometimes more to get to the point of maximum improvement.  Chronic health conditions e.g. arthritis are likely need treatment periodically to maintain the changes as aging does not stop.

Research shows that the optimum treatment regimen for acute injuries would be to have daily sessions for 3 days then twice a week till better.  Chronic conditions don’t respond in the same way and research shows that conditions which have been troubling you for 6-weeks or more need an average of 2 sessions a week till you feel better.  It is very important to keep to the recommended treatment schedule as the consensus from research programmes shows that this is what is required to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling (oedema) and thereby promote tissue healing.  Shorter treatments numbers or bigger gaps between sessions means that patients fail to get results.  It is equally true that too much, too soon (a bit like too much sun giving you sun burn on holiday) is not beneficial either, so there is the ‘Goldilocks’ region of just the right amount.