In order for PBM therapy to work the red and near infrared light needs to be able to reach the surface of your skin.  Red and near infrared light cannot penetrate clothes so we would advise that you wear either:-

  1. Men – pants or shorts.
  2. Women – bra/sports bra and pants/shorts.

This attire means that almost all your whole body from head to toe will get PBM Therapy not just the area you have problems with.   This in turn increases the likelihood of benefiting from positive effects over your whole body that you might not be expecting e.g. more energy and strength or beneficial skin effects, even if you were only seeking therapy for relief of musculoskeletal pains.

The NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy bed treatment room is only 2 meters from the changing cubicles.  So for those clients that arrive in office/work attire that is unsuitable to take off quickly or if you have mobility problems we offer changing cubicles and gowns ready for your treatment session.  The gown protects your modesty between changing cubicle and therapy room and is easily removed for PBM Treatment.  Alternatively, by wearing loose clothing over the top of  your underwear (as above in 1. or 2.) e.g.  a T shirt and jogging bottoms you can go straight into the NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy bed treatment room and get changed in there.

Whether you prefer to use a changing cubicle and gown or wear loose clothing and change in the therapy room, our aim is to have:

  1. Each person leave on time so that subsequent clients are not delayed.
  2. Give our clinical staff sufficient time to ensure the NovoTHOR Whole Body PBM Therapy bed is THOROUGHLY CLEANED AND SANITISED between clients and the room made ready for the next client.
  3. Give our staff time to offer assistance to clients who need a little extra help.

For those clients who think they might need assistance to get on/off the bed then please don’t hesitate to ask.  We will arrange suitable booking times so that a staff member will be present to help you.

Your Security And Modesty

  • The NovoTHOR treatment room is private only you are in there
  • The one window it has, has obscured glass and a voile over so  its impossible to see into the room
  • For your security the door to the NovoTHOR treatment room has an electronic magnetic lock.  It locks automatically on closure.  It can only be operated from the outside by one of our staff with the correct code or electronic fob and by you internally via a button to exit
  • The door to the changing area also has the same electronic lock system

Valuables:  we would recommend bringing your valuables with you into the the NovoTHOR treatment room so you know where they are.   We are unable to accept liability for items that go missing.