NovoTHOR Whole Body Light Bed Is Trusted by Science With CE/FDA Medical Approval

THOR – manufacturer of the NovoTHOR whole body PBM Therapy light bed are without doubt trusted market leaders in developing new innovative red and near Infrared medical (NIR) technologies. The NovoTHOR is the pinnacle of development – using the most up to date scientifically proven effective red and near infrared wavelengths of light and combining this with new advances in new LED technology.

You can be sure the NovoTHOR whole body photobiomodulation light bed delivers the right intensity (dose) of red and near infrared wavelengths of light, to the whole of your body to achieve the greatest beneficial effect. In their pursuit of excellence, THOR manufactures its devices so that they are ‘over engineered’ for their use. For example the LED arrays in the NovoTHOR only run at 50% of their potential output. So this means that:

“You can rely on the treatments being as effective on your body 10 years down the line as it was on the first day of use”

Advantages To You Of Using The NovoTHOR Whole Body Light Bed

For your health the advantages are clear:

  1. The NovoTHOR can treat and help multiple conditions throughout the whole body
  2. The NovoTHOR is cell specific not condition specific, so multiple conditions/symptoms throughout the body can be treated at the same time. This means you can experience wide ranging benefits that you were not expecting!
  3. There are no side effects from the NovoTHOR – unlike prescription and over-the-counter medications where side effects for some are pronounced and debilitating
  4. Due to the intensity of the light used (irradiance) only short times are needed in the NovoTHOR whole body Photobiomodulation pod to get the best therapeutic effect – so the optimal treatment session based on the latest research is just 20 minutes

PBM Therapy Science Fact Not Science Fiction

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