Why Are You Still Suffering With Arthritis Pains?

Are you or someone you know finding it increasingly difficult to cope with carrying out essential tasks due to pains? Getting out of bed/getting dressed? Getting out of chairs? Moving about the house or doing the shopping?

Feeling great preconditioning PBM Therapy

PBM Therapy may well be the answer for you – but you probably have never heard of it

With record numbers of people complaining they have been unable to speak to a GP for weeks, let alone see one face to face, getting help can feel like an impossible task. Even when you manage to get medical advice, this usually means pain medications which you may not want to take, find don’t help you or may even disagree with you giving you unpleasant side effects.  What options are then available if the above applies to you?

A referral to be seen by specialist hospital services is unlikely to be a quick process with these new sobering figures published by the BBC* showing 6 million people are ALREADY on NHS waiting lists ahead of you. More worryingly 1 in 20 have been waiting over a year for routine operations such as a new hip and knee.

PBM Therapy is a scientifically proven and safe drug free treatment for arthritis pains

Your PBM Therapy Options

Full Body PBM Therapy

 Multiple joint pains treated at the same time

PBM Therapy clinic NovoThor Whole Body Photobiomodulation

Body Part PBM Therapy

Ideal for single joint pains or smaller painful areas

Regional PBM Therapy Thor LX2

To visit our clinic you can self refer – you can get in touch in 3 ways:

  • You can call us on 01332 224829 from 8.15 am Monday to Friday
  • In clinic hours you can use our ‘chat’ facility or
  • Email us using the contact form on this page

Why not take a look at some of our patients experiences/testimonials for PBM Therapy or watch our 2 minute video simply explaining – How does PBM Therapy work?


PBM Therapy Science Fact Not Science Fiction

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