PBM Therapy Clinic Derby UK
Clinic Opening Times...
Clinic Opening Times...

What Conditions Can PBM Therapy Help?

Strong Scientific Evidence After many years of research there is strong evidence proving that PBM Therapy can help: Treat the causes of Musculoskeletal pain, inflammation and swelling. Sports strength endurance and recovery  - train harder/recover quicker Skin healing and repair.  Including skin side effects from cancer therapy such as Oral Mucositis Dry Age-related [...]

NovoTHOR PBM Therapy and Cancer

CANCER - the evidence so far shows There is NO EVIDENCE OF HARM FOR CANCER PATIENTS BEING TREATED WITH PBM THERAPY However, if you are having ACTIVE cancer treatment (Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy) or have cancer but are not in active treatment, the consensus for this medical condition in the PBM Therapy field is that [...]

How Long Do PBM Therapy Treatments Take In The NovoTHOR Bed?

As you are totally enclosed by the NovoTHOR light bed pod and so close to the source of powerful red and near infrared light, treatment times are probably not as long as you would think. Consensus in the research field is that 15 minutes is the ideal time to achieve the maximum physiological benefit. Research [...]

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